The Book



In 2013 Beki authored her first book. Sunflowers & Sweet Tea is a photo based coffee table book: A snapshot of rural Midwest life. Bits of warmth and inspiration, told in 80 pages.

“This is definitely a book you’ll want to sit down and savor with a cup of tea or coffee—preferably on those days when you’re feeling harried and hectic and in need of a quick dose of peace. It’s the closest thing to a hug that any book could give!”

-Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman

“Sometimes the simple things are the most beautiful. This truth seems to come fairly easy to Beki. In her photography, in the jewelry she creates, in her words and in her world.If you are willing to sit still for a moment, these lovely pages will make your day a little more beautiful too.

 -Nichole Nordeman Recording artist, Author, Songwriter

“I was so impressed. You will be, too. But, even more so, you will be inspired. This is a book to ponder slowly and allow it to seep deep into your soul. You will be changed…  for good.”

-Lisa Whelchel Mom, Actress, Author, Speaker